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Why Does Tire Tread Matter?


How Do I Know When To Replace My Tires?

Replacing your tires is a crucial step when it comes to essential automotive maintenance. Most dealerships recommend replacing your tires at least every six years, while some tire companies say 10 years. If you are not sure whether or not your tires are ready to be replaced, your local New England Ford authorized service center wants to let you in on a simple way you can find out that will only cost you one penny. Take your penny and place it headfirst into various grooves all over your tire. Are you able to see the top of President Abraham Lincoln’s head? That means your tires are ready to be replaced because they are worn. If part of President Lincoln’s head is covered, you can probably wait to replace your tires.


Tire Tread Wear Indicators

You can find out a lot about the health of your tires by examining the tread wear. Here are a few of the tire wear indicators that mean your tires may need an adjustment:

Excessive Wear in the Center

If your tire tread seems to be significantly more worn in the center than on the sides, it indicates your tire is overinflated. Some of the air may need to be released from your tire to avoid a rupture.

Excessive Wear on the Shoulders

Do the shoulders of your tires seem more worn than the center? This wear indicates your tires are underinflated. You may need to have a bit more air pumped into your tires.

Uneven Tread

Are your tires worn more in some places and less in others? Uneven tire tread is an indication that your wheels may not be adequately aligned. Consider scheduling an appointment for a four-wheel alignment.

Excessive Wear On One Side

If one side of your tire seems to be more worn than the rest of the tire, it indicates the camber angle may be off. Your tires need to be adjusted to the proper angle to preserve their health.

Knobby Outer Section Tread

Take a look at the treads on the outer section of your tires. Do they seem knobby? Knobby outer section tread is an indicator that your toe-in alignment may be off. We recommend you have this adjusted to improve your tires’ stability while steering.


Schedule Your Appointment

Now that you know all the ways to tell if your tires need replacement or an adjustment, there is only one thing left to do. Contact your local New England Ford Authorized Service Center and schedule your service appointment. Remember, healthy tires are crucial to your vehicle’s performance, so take the steps now to ensure proper tire care.

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