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what is FordPass

What Is FordPass™?

Ford Motor Company is known for its dedication to providing customers the most cutting-edge technology for their vehicles. That commitment is most reflected in the FordPass™ App, which strengthens the interaction between you and your Ford model. The team at your local New England Ford Dealer immensely enjoys using this innovative app because it integrates everyday convenience into your travels. You just need to download it and get it connected to your Ford car, truck, SUV, or crossover model. After that, you will instantly have access to your personal database on your vehicle. This includes how much fuel you have remaining, records of your service appointments, and even when maintenance is due. FordPass™ is the ultimate companion to have on the road because it remains up to date as you travel and can even be used to contact 24/7 roadside assistance in case of emergencies. The knowledgeable staff at your local New England Ford Dealer is prepared to not only help you download this great app, but also point out how the FordPass™ App will make your journeys better than ever before.

How Do You Set Up FordPass™?

Getting started with this innovative app is simple:
• First, download the app onto the smart device of your preference. You can do so through the Apple Store or Google Play.
• Create an account (if you do not have one already) and follow the instructions.
• Use the SYNC® infotainment system within your Ford model to connect with the FordPass™ App.
• Once setup is complete, begin experiencing FordPass™!


How Does FordPass™ Work?

Incorporating this app into your daily driving opens up many new avenues for exploration, thanks to its diverse suite of features. The intuitive FordPass™ Park component, found in select cities, takes the stress out of trying to find a free spot on a cramped metropolitan street by choosing the right place for your unique Ford model. You can even narrow your search by a certain neighborhood or landmark, and reserve the space you want. Other fantastic features contained within the FordPass™ App include:
• Knowing the exact location of your parked Ford model.
• Remotely starting your Ford, along with shutting it down.
• Determining how much fuel you have remaining along with the remaining fuel mileage.
• Understanding the information behind your vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty.
• Knowing the maintenance history of your vehicle and being able to schedule your next appointment. You can even receive reminders about upcoming appointments.
• Calling for 24/7 roadside assistance and receiving onsite repairs like flat tire repair and fuel delivery.
Make sure you contact the hardworking crew at your local New England Ford Dealer for other ways this app can enhance the qualities of your journeys.

how to set up FordPass

Convenience At Your Fingertips

Another incredible facet of the FordPass™ App is FordPass™ Rewards. You earn rewards with every purchase you make with the Blue Oval Brand, which you can stockpile and put toward a particularly rigorous maintenance appointment or even obtaining the Ford model you have always desired. These points can also be used to enter Ford-sponsored content and win fantastic prizes. FordPass™ Rewards is a great perk to accompany the already comprehensive nature of the FordPass™ App and makes using the app even more fun and intuitive. Technology exists to make our lives easier and that is the purpose of FordPass™: to take away common stresses that can come with owning a vehicle. Not only will the staff at your local New England Ford Dealer further speak about the benefits of FordPass™, but we will even show you which features most speak to us and are among our favorites. Don’t wait! Download the outstanding FordPass™ App and enjoy a new level of owning and driving a Ford today!

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