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Fall Car Maintenance

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The time has come to slowly part ways with sun-kissed skin and beachy waves as the summer months bid their farewell and we welcome fall with open arms and a kitchen full of baked goods. The fall season is loved by many as it offers crunchy, bright red, yellow, and golden hues amidst picturesque settings and cozy views. While fall provides many benefits, the comforting atmosphere of the season is typically accompanied by dropping temperatures and hazardous driving conditions. The service experts at your local New England Ford dealer would like to help provide a smooth transition into the season by covering a list of car maintenance tips for fall. View our fall car maintenance checklist to get started today!
Ford Fall ServiceThe experienced service technicians at our Ford authorized service centers care deeply about your safety on the go, so we have gladly provided you with a few fall car maintenance service recommendations to keep your ride in optimal condition. 
Oil ChangeOil changes are necessary for optimal engine performance. This service is beneficial as it replaces old, expired oil with fresh fluids that prevent the parts in your engine from rubbing together. 
Battery TestsEnsure your battery is receiving a high-quality charge by testing it today with our experienced service team.

Ford Fall Service

Brake Inspections Tackle a new fall adventure with confidence, knowing your local Ford service center has your back. Brake inspections are vital and help prevent unnecessary accidents as you explore. 
Tire Checks Head into the new season with fresh tires so you can conquer even the toughest of terrains wherever the open roads take you. 
Fluid Checks Make sure your ride is prepped and prepared for every challenge by ensuring it’s up to date on its coolant and windshield wiper fluids.

Tackle a New Season With Confidence

Are you prepared for every adventure ahead? Move forward with confidence after scheduling a service appointment with your local New England Ford dealer for services included in our fall car maintenance checklist. Find a dealer near you today!

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